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All of our bookings need to be made through Airbnb. They handle all of our bookings and payments, a necessary service to prevent overbooking, but most importantly they provide liability protection for our guests and for us in addition to providing safety and security. If you do not have an Airbnb account, the process will take you a short amount of time to upload the information then an hour or two to complete the verification process, but is well worth it once you have completed it. If you need help, Airbnb has one of the best customer support personnel I've experienced. Be patient and you will not regret it.

Gold Master Suite

Our Gold Master Suite has it's own Bathroom with a tiled shower, a futon couch/queen bed, and it's own exit/entrance to the back patio.

Blue Room

Our Blue Room is one of a Jack and Jill with a shared bathroom.

Green Room

Our Green Room is one of a Jack and Jill with a shared bathroom.